Its My Fault

Posted on August 3, 2013



How many times have we been victims? How many times has somebody wronged us? Let some of us tell it and we would a lifetime worth of being the victim. Coming up in school I found it very coincidental that all the kids in detention were there because their teacher didn’t like them. Some of my own teachers didn’t like me. I was a class clown, some teachers thought I was funny and some didn’t. I didn’t take it personally, I knew it was my fault. When something goes wrong or not the way we want, most of us look for blame on someone else. It’s easy to see what Johnny or Susie could have done better. What we must first do is look for the blame within ourselves. Check our stats and see where we messed up, or where we could have done better. I could not get mad at my teacher for sending me to the office when I knew it was something that I did to cause their response, it was my fault. As we put blame square in our lap and not the laps of others real change can happen. When things were going bad for the Miami Heat, did you see LeBron James or Dwayne Wade pointing fingers at each other? I did not, what I saw was the entire team raise themselves up, doing what they can better individually. We can only do that if we take the hard route and blame ourselves because at days end the only thing we can change is ourselves. I learned when something goes wrong I have to do more than what I was doing instead of blaming someone else. Once I start saying it’s my fault, and I have to do better and actually start becoming better it starts to become contagious. Then when things go wrong instead of a royal rumble style blaming session, you began to grow as a person, and as a team. Sometimes in our relationships we blame the other person for our unhappiness, never thinking about what is it that I’m am doing, or not doing. Most times we change and that change draws a certain reaction from our partners. And of course the reaction of our partner’s get the blame instead of changing what is we are doing. I challenge you to look at yourself first the next time something doesn’t go as you planned it to go. Do that and you will be amazed at the solutions that just pop in your head. Sometimes the solutions turn out even better than whatever it was we had originally planned. We cannot reach these solutions if we more focused on who is at fault, rather than immediately focus on what is it that we could have done that much better. I know, it’s hard to blame ourselves because some of us are perfect. That was an attempt at sarcasm. If you know someone perfect tell them contact me, I know people that would pay big money for that. For those like me that are far away from perfect, the first step in the right direction are these three words, ITS MY FAULT.

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