Let Fear Go

Posted on August 14, 2013



Have you ever been afraid of something? Have you ever wanted to do something and fear would not let you? I don’t know about you, but I have. What I have found about myself, is that I’m more prone to be scared of the unknown. I noticed that the more I think about something, the more my head seems to make whatever it is that I fear that much more scarier. As I dug deeper, I noticed that it wasn’t the things that I knew that was making the fear arise. It was the the things that I did not know that sent my self doubt into orbit. I was giving fear the go ahead to run my life. Soon after I came to realize that I was using fear in a negative way. Zig Ziggler said it best, F.E.A.R is “False Evidence Appearing Real.”  As I said, It wasn’t the things I knew for fact. It was the things I did not know for fact. I got inside of my own head and exaggerated the risk to a point that the risk far outweighed the reward. Risk and Reward should never be confused amongst the two of them. Rewards come to those who use fear as a benefit. The former is presented to those that let fear get in their thought process. Who asked fear for it’s opinion? I beg whoever is reading this to jump head first at fear. Jump head first into the abyss of the unknown and let fear go. Do that because that is where growth begins. When you use fear in the right ways, fear delivers the right results. When you start using fear in its positive form, fear navigates you to growth. Fear can be very uncomfortable, but it is very necessary. Its necessary to go through these emotions because they build you. Once you use fear for good you never get comfortable. Once you become comfortable you stop growing. Once you start accepting the uncomfortable you start to become adaptable.  Once you become more adaptable, you start to become more open minded. Once you become more open minded, your thoughts and ideas that reality would have never let come to be start to manifest itself. You have to make it important to you that fear will not work against you, but work for you. Fear should be a compass, you should know that once something becomes uncomfortable that is where growth take place. To understand and figure out new things first takes courage to try. When fear is used for bad it stops most of us from even trying. Michael Jordan already showed us that you miss every shot you don’t take. Why let fear control whether you take the shot or not? Fear of falling, and fear of loud noises are the only fears where are born with. The rest are ones that our inner self comes up with. When fear is used for good it guides us to stretch, it guides us to grow and learn new things. Let fear go and start growing.

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